How much will this cost me? Upfront and then ongoing?

Firstly as an owner (or you and your fellow syndicate members) must consider how much you would like to spend. The initial purchase price of a greyhound can be anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 AUD. Be prepared to pay around $95 per week (incl. GST) per greyhound from the time it begins rearing until it reaches racing age (this excludes any major vet bills). If the greyhound begins a racing career there will be no further ongoing fees (exluding major vet bills and any long term spelling) as you will enter into a 50/50 prize money split with the trainer.

Where will my greyhound be based?

That really depends on where you want the greyhound to be based. We have strong networks across most states in Australia and in New Zealand. We have the ability to move dogs between states so that it is best placed to win races. For example Victoria is a very competitive state for greyhound racing. So if a dog is based in Victoria and is not winning consistently we can move it to a state that we think it will have a better chance of winning races in.

How long will it take before our greyhound begins racing?

We breed our own greyhounds or most of the greyhounds we purchase are around 4 months of age. Some greyhounds mature earlier than others and can begin racing as early as 16 months whilst others will not be ready until 24 months of age. It is different for each greyhound and your trainer will know the right time to enter your greyhound in its first race.

If I spend more money on my greyhound will it have a better chance of making the track?

Prices of pups vary depending on the pedigree and race performance of the sire and dam. Having a better bred and more expensive pup is more likely to be faster than a greyhound of lesser quality but by no means a guarantee. There are many instances of greyhounds that have been relatively cheap and gone on to be stars of the track.

Can I go and see my greyhound?

The best time to visit your greyhound is when it is at the rearing farm. Let us know when you wish to visit and we will help organise a suitable time.

Will you supply photos of my greyhound?

We will send you photos when the pup is purchased and as it progresses through each stage of its development. We also encourage you to send us any photos you take if you visit your greyhound so we can place them in your greyhounds image gallery.

Will I get updates about how my greyhound is progressing?

We liaise closely with the rearing farm, the breakers and the trainer and will update you with all reports we receive.

Do you take any of the racing prize money?

The Golden Paw shall retain 5% of prizemoney from each greyhound that is purchased through The Golden Paw for administrative purposes.

What happens to my greyhound once it finishes racing?

You can keep your greyhound as your new home pet or we will help you place your dog in the Greyhound Adoption Program.

Am I obligated to make a purchase if I fill out an expression of interest form?

No you are not obligated to make a purchase. If you decide it's not for you then that’s completely ok!