ABC Report on Live Baiting – Tue Feb 2015

The Golden Paw Statement on Live Baiting

The Golden Paw is disgusted by the disgraceful acts shown on the Four Courners documentary and relieved that no Golden Paw trainer has been implicated. We expect the GRV and greyhound industry bodies in other states to take strong action so that the livelihoods of the vast majority, who want nothing but the best for their beloved greyhounds, are not destroyed by the disgusting actions of a few. 

To The Golden Paw's knowledge, none of the rearers, pre-trainers or trainers of our greyhounds engage in this type of conduct. If they did and we were made aware of it, we would remove our greyhounds from them immediately. We pride ourselves on ensuring the best for our beloved greyhounds. All our greyhounds post racing career which haven't gone onto breeding have either been adopted by owners or entered into the Greyhound Adoption Program. 

People have tried to criticise the ABC program as being biased. Well, it was one sided in that they only wanted to get one point across but they did that well and anyone that engages in that sort of treatment should get a life ban from the sport (and the rest). Don’t blame the program producers and animal liberationists here, come down hard on the miscreants.

The GRV have copped wide criticism through this and some of it deserved but it’s worth noting that the Racing Act prevents them from visiting trial tracks outside of “normal” working times. They cannot install hidden cameras and the Tooradin track was visited five times in the last six months. It’s unlikely the callous acts secretly filmed at Tooradin were done during 9-5 working hours. We expect that as a result of this footage, the GRV welfare and integrity staff will have increased powers to investigate and ensure any callous behaviour such as this is eliminated from our sport.

If any owner, or anyone else for that matter, would like to contact us in relation to the above, please contact us directly