We are very excited by our breeding program. We have sourced females from some of Australia's top damlines which are going to be top producing broods for us for years to come.

We have a pretty specific formula that we have identified is found in the majority of the fastest greyhounds that have raced. Each time we breed with one of our broods it will be to a sire that meets this formula.

All the way through the breeding process the brood and pups are in the best possible care.


PURCHASING (4 months)

If a litter is whelped that meets our specific criteria we will contact the breeder to purchase from the litter.

We like to purchase greyhound pups up to around 4 months of age so we have greater involvement over the life of the greyhound. That way we know we have given each greyhound the best care and opportunity of experiencing success on the racetrack.

Once we have purchased the greyhound we will organise payment to the breeder and transport to our chosen rearing farm. We then advertise the greyhound for outright purchase or for a greyhound syndicate.


REARING (4-14 months)

The rearing farm will enable your greyhound to socialise with other dogs and learn how to gallop freely whilst it grows and develops. This is an ideal time to visit your new pup should you wish to and we can arrange this. We will keep you informed of updates of the development of your pup during rearing.

If you are a first time greyhound owner we will guide you through the greyhound owner registration process. We will also register you for any owners bonus schemes.

Trial Track

BREAKING-IN (14-16 months)

Breaking-in is the process of educating the greyhound in preparation for the racetrack. Every greyhound is different and some mature earlier than others. When the time is right we will organise the transport of your dog from the rearing farm to the breakers. Your greyhound will spend around one month being taught how to chase the lure, jump from boxes and run around a track with a rail.

Once your greyhound has been broken in it will be given time to recoup to get over any sore spots it has picked up in the breaking in process. Once your greyhound has been broken in we will give you an update of its progress and choose a suitable trainer for your greyhound.


PRE-TRAINING (16 months+)

During this time period we will know the ability of your greyhound. If the greyhound has the ability to race then during this time we will get you to organise a name for your greyhound. Once the greyhound has been named and the ownership papers have been returned the greyhound can then be entered into races.



Whilst your greyhound is racing we will keep you up to date with where your dog is racing, all trainer comments and can organise race photographs of your greyhound should it win.

Post Racing

POST RACING (4 Years+)

Once your greyhound has finished his racing career you can keep it as your new home pet or we can help you place it in the Greyhound Adoption Program.