At The Golden Paw we offer a complete end-to-end service to give you the very best chance of experiencing racetrack success with your greyhound. The Golden Paw cannot guarantee all our additional attention to detail will make your greyhound run any faster, but it will ensure that it is given every opportunity to succeed.

Breeding Analysis

We put a great deal of time into analysis of the pedigree of greyhounds, and have established relationships with some of the top breeders to access the best pups available for potential purchase. We have a pretty specific formula that we have identified is found in the majority of the fastest greyhounds that have raced. Each time we breed a litter or purchase from a breeder it will need to meet this specific criteria.

Whilst this is no guarantee the greyhound will be a champion it does put the odds in your favour.


We have experience in liaising with the greyhound breeders or sales agents on a fair price for the potential purchase. The scale and network of The Golden Paw will also ensure you receive the best price for your greyhound pup. We can also handle all negotiations in the transaction.


We will organise the paperwork and administration for your greyhound, to take all the hard work out of getting your greyhound to the racetrack, which will leave you with less time spent on the work behind the scenes and more time for watching your greyhound take to the track.


We arrange all transportation for your greyhound from the breeders to the rearing farm to the breakers and finally to the trainer.


Breaking In and Pre-training

Rearing is a crucial stage in a racing greyhound’s development. We only place our greyhounds with the best rearing farms so they get the care and attention that will ensure it is given the opportunity to succeed. We also only place your greyhound with the best breakers and pre-trainers to ensure that they learn from the best in the sport so that they are adequately prepared for what will hopefully be a successful racing career.

Trainer Selection

We select trainers with strong strike rates and a limited amount of greyhounds in their kennel so they can focus enough attention to harness your dog's talent to give it the best chance of success.

Racing Updates

& Trainer Communications

We provide regular progress updates on your greyhound through its development through to a race dog. Once it begins racing we provide alerts to each race it is entered into and trainer comments on each race. Each Golden Paw greyhound also receives its own page on our continuously updated Race Kennel section.

Race Photos

Racing Photos

We can organise racing photos should your greyhound win, for you to send ‘straight to the pool room’.


Greyhound Adoption Program

Post Racing Placement

Once your greyhound has finished its racing career, you can keep as your new home pet or we can assist with placing it in the Greyhound Adoption Program